Thursday, 11 September 2014

Little Princess Trust

A couple of months ago I decided I was going to cut my hair and donate it to the Little Princess Trust. With much anticipation the day finally arrived for me to get 10 inches (!!!) cut off my hair. 

The Little Princess Trust is a fantastic organisation that makes donated hair into wigs for children suffering from cancer. I also surpassed my goal of raising £500 for the charity along with my hair donation which I am very happy about. My justgiving page is still live so any donations are still very welcome. 

I'm afraid that the photos from the day are fairly minimal as I was very focused on having my glamorous assistant Eva film it for me. I'm really happy with how the video came out though I'm not sure how well it captured the tense yet overwhelmingly happy environment that was created at Daniel Galvin Junior.

Here are a couple of before shots of me with my very long hair.

Action shot of Joe going in for the kill.

Holding 10 inches of my hair like this was a very bizarre sensation.

The final product.

My shirt is American Apparel, my necklace is Tiffany and sunglasses are Ray Ban.

Here is a before and after the 10 inch chop. I am so happy I did this for the incredible charity that is the Little Princess Trust. I haven't had short hair since I was about seven so it's safe to say I was fairly attached to my hair, but I knew it was time to get rid of some of it and why not for a phenomenal cause?

My new hair is so easy to deal with and takes about half the time to wash, I seriously cannot recommend it enough. As much as I loved my long hair I think I'm going to stick with the short chop for a little (long) while.

Following my haircut my family and I went to see Tom Thum and Jamie MacDowell perform at the London Wonderground on the South Bank. I was shockingly excited as I absolutely adore them and I knew all the songs from listening to the CD on repeat after purchasing it in Edinburgh. The show did not disappoint in the slightest and Jamie even retweeted my tweet about my excitement. 

All in all it was such a special and memorable day to me. I could not have done it with my fabulous friend Eva for the morale support and my incredible hairdresser Joe

Thank you so much to anyone who has supported me I really appreciate it!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Worthing/Brighton Photo Diary

For a long weekend in summer my family and I travelled down to Worthing for my brother to take part in a tennis tournament. The first day of the tournament was rained off, so we drove into Brighton. We explored the lanes and had a lovely stroll along the pier

I absolutely love Brighton and wish I got to go down there more often. I think it would be such a lovely place to live, the lanes are so cute and you can't really beat living on the coast.

The weather was a little rough at times throughout our trip, as shown above by Dan, raincoats were a must.

My father photographed me photographing this beautiful bookshop in the lanes.

I wore Ray Ban sunglasses, Nike hoodie, vintage Michael Kors top and Levi jeans.

As we wandered from the lanes to the pier the weather really cleared up and it was absolutely beautiful walking along the pier in the sunshine. 

Many of the rides were closed due to harsh winds, which I did see create rather distraught looks on some faces, but for a sufferer of motion sickness it was nice to see everything looking a tad more peaceful than usual. 

The following day, whilst my brother played tennis, my father and I explored Worthing pier. 

The weather was chilly but sunny so I went for a comfy cosy outfit. Nike hoodie, American Apparel top, Anthropologie jeans and Adidas trainers. 

The cafe on Worthing pier was so beautiful and cute with some really delicious looking cakes!

Absolutely adore the photograph below from the 50s.

I had to include this picture I took of a minion ukelele case!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Tea & Science

On a sunny London Sunday, Kim and I decided to venture South of the river to the Science MuseumYou must understand that being North London born and bread this was not familiar ground. 

Trousers: Anthropologie (similar here), Top: Urban Outfitters, Jacket: Topshop (old - similar here), Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Trainers: Adidas (similar here), Bag: Marrakech

Shirt: Urban Outfitters (similar here and here), Jeans: Topshop, Top: Vintage, Trainers: Nike, Bag: Topshop (similar here and here), Sunglasses: Ray Ban

I have yet to master the art of photographing bubbles.

The ground floor of the museum is undoubtably the best. However, on a Sunday it is also the busiest. A vast amount of the bodies being screaming children.

I love these purple windows. So much so I made Kim, though reluctant at first, stand in front of them.

After exploring the ground floor we ventured down to the basement. Shown above is Kimberly attempting to act natural.

We wandered around the Rubbish Collection for quite a while. It was really cool to see such a vast amount of stuff that had been thrown away all compiled together. 

We were also shockingly told that almost all of the items in the collection were collected just over one month.

After a while however, we did get a large craving for tea.

So tea is exactly what we had.

Milk money shot.

We had tea at La Patisserie Des Reves outside in a lovely courtyard shared by lots of different cafes and restaurants just up from the Science Museum. The weather was lovely and it was a great moment for people watching and discussing what we have in store for us the next year at school (ahh terrifying yet exciting).

Nail varnish: Essie

It was such a lovely day filled with many of my favourite things; tea, Kim, museums and the perfect weather in my opinion - cold enough for a jacket, but sunny enough for sunglasses.