Monday, 19 June 2017

Rosie Assoulin resort collection favourites

All photos are from here

We all love a statement jacket, and for me this one definitely checks off all of the boxes. The muted metallic colour works draped over the shoulders of a simple slip dress in the evening, or with a casual denim short. 

The yellow gold ties in fabulously with the centre of the flowers on the cami as well as the patterned shoes. The baby blue oversized pants are so chic and I think the colours all blend beautifully. 

Statement sleeves, statement neck, unique colour. It ticks all of the boxes. It also looks extremely comfortable. Summer breeze on one arm and layer of chic on the other. 

Blue and yellow have always been one of my favourite colour combinations and this look is no exception. These trousers are a classic wardrobe staple to me, as are the beautiful flats. 

I say it time and time again, sunglasses are the greatest accessories and these are just fabulous! Definitely a pair I would be interested in adding to my collection. 

This jacket and trouser pair stands out to me because of the detailing. The red accents on the jacket are what makes it special. The mini trench style works perfectly. The pockets on the shirt tie in with the pockets on the jacket. Very small yet relaxed too, does that make sense?

The simple cigarette trousers topped off with the yellow detailing that hang just above the ankles is such a perfect additional accent. 

Dungarees, or overalls as Americans would say, are always stand out pieces for me. This look as a whole gives me serious Chanel vibes. The colour of the dungarees and the jacket is perfect. I absolutely love the design on the shoe, nice and dainty against the more boxy overalls. 

Another beautiful pair of dungarees. I love this whole look. 

The colour of the t shirt and the bag ties the whole look together as well as bringing out the colour of the roses on the overalls and the shoes. 

The sheen to the material gives the look a glamorous edge and the shoes are so fun. 

Want to upstage the bride? This is definitely the look for you. 


Joseph's Technicolour Dreamcoat but actually chic. 

The way that the colours melt into one another is absolutely stunning and mesmerising to look at. The way the fabric hangs down at the back makes it even more fun to twirl around just like Joseph did. 

Another piece with the beautiful rose print and text reading 'say it with flowers'. The cut of this dress is beautiful and the small train is placed perfectly. I love how relaxed and comfortable this looks, wouldn't mind having a piece like this in my wardrobe. 

Overall, an absolutely beautiful collection. 


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