Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Healthy Meal + Outfit

I often struggle to eat healthily in the winter. Hot carby meals and chocolately puddings are just far more appealing to me when it's frosty outside. Despite these factors I am trying.

The other night my mother and I made this lovely healthy stir-fry for dinner. You can do this with pretty much whatever you have in your fridge and it is so easy. I've often done this recipe with noodles as well to bulk it up a bit which I looove.

sugar snaps
cashew nuts
soy sauce

The ratio of your ingredients can be however you wish. We added a lot of kale as our base as well as a lot of cashew nuts, just because. We used chicken as our protein, which we had pre-cooked in soy sauce, and just added whatever other vegetables we happened to have.

This stir-fry is so quick and easy to whip up and looks so pretty too!

I had corn on the cob as a starter, whilst watch YouTube videos - of course. And had some iced water in my new jar from Urban Outfitters

And voila! Here we have my beautiful chicken stir-fry. I must say it doesn't look like the nicest thing in this picture, I added a bit more soy sauce and it didn't make the colours look as pretty as before. 

Also - slight side note - how stunning is my copy of A Room With A View?!

For dessert I had almond butter, chocolate and lots of berries.

I am a massive peanut butter person, however, I am trying to make the switch to almond butter. At first it was tough but I'm use to it now and absolutely love it. This particular almond butter I got from Planet Organic (my favourite place) and doesn't have any of the added salts or sugars that nut butters usually contain.

In my opinion you really can't beat Hotel Chocolat. Luckily my dad agrees with me and always buys me little treats from there. One of my favourite things are these 70% batons.

These are soooo good. And with the almond butter and berries as well you really can't do better.

This is one of my favourite desserts. It requires no preparation and is also great for a naughty(ish) snack.

When I'm feeling ridiculously full after a large dinner, which I must say happens fairly frequently..., I like to have a nice big cup to jasmine green tea; my absolute favourite being from Le Pain Quotidien. This tea is also perfect for a little wake up in the morning, particularly as the winter is upon us.

Last weekend I have a lovely late lunch to celebrate from beautiful friend Maia's birthday and thought I would share my outfit with you (I do apologise about the quality of these photos I think my camera was a bit dirty).

Few pictures of me and the lovely lady herself.

School is very stressful at the moment and I am absolutely swamped by work. I have half term next week so hopefully I'll be able to take a little break then, little being the key word.

And finally, here's a cute picture of me and Lucy.


  1. Love your jacket Rube, it's super cute x

  2. you've just made me really hungry. and i love your eyes! so pretty x

  3. OMG me too! I love peanut butter aand dark chocolate!!! You school supplies are so cute btw ! :D ( going to have peanut butter right now, haha!)