Thursday, 11 September 2014

Little Princess Trust

A couple of months ago I decided I was going to cut my hair and donate it to the Little Princess Trust. With much anticipation the day finally arrived for me to get 10 inches (!!!) cut off my hair. 

The Little Princess Trust is a fantastic organisation that makes donated hair into wigs for children suffering from cancer. I also surpassed my goal of raising £500 for the charity along with my hair donation which I am very happy about. My justgiving page is still live so any donations are still very welcome. 

I'm afraid that the photos from the day are fairly minimal as I was very focused on having my glamorous assistant Eva film it for me. I'm really happy with how the video came out though I'm not sure how well it captured the tense yet overwhelmingly happy environment that was created at Daniel Galvin Junior.

Here are a couple of before shots of me with my very long hair.

Action shot of Joe going in for the kill.

Holding 10 inches of my hair like this was a very bizarre sensation.

The final product.

My shirt is American Apparel, my necklace is Tiffany and sunglasses are Ray Ban.

Here is a before and after the 10 inch chop. I am so happy I did this for the incredible charity that is the Little Princess Trust. I haven't had short hair since I was about seven so it's safe to say I was fairly attached to my hair, but I knew it was time to get rid of some of it and why not for a phenomenal cause?

My new hair is so easy to deal with and takes about half the time to wash, I seriously cannot recommend it enough. As much as I loved my long hair I think I'm going to stick with the short chop for a little (long) while.

Following my haircut my family and I went to see Tom Thum and Jamie MacDowell perform at the London Wonderground on the South Bank. I was shockingly excited as I absolutely adore them and I knew all the songs from listening to the CD on repeat after purchasing it in Edinburgh. The show did not disappoint in the slightest and Jamie even retweeted my tweet about my excitement. 

All in all it was such a special and memorable day to me. I could not have done it with my fabulous friend Eva for the morale support and my incredible hairdresser Joe

Thank you so much to anyone who has supported me I really appreciate it!


  1. Your hair looks amazing Rube! Love the video xx

  2. Cute hair! I love the floral shirt too, super cute.

  3. Well done for doing this! Your hair looks lovely now, but it must have been so nerve racking for you, saying goodbye to so many inches!

    Technicolour Dreamer

  4. So nice of you to donate your hair! And you are so so pretty! :)

    MJ //

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  6. it's so nice that you donated your hair & you look really pretty with short hair.
    I love their songs, they are so cool! .. heard and downloaded 2 of their songs a few minutes ago when I read about it here on your blog!

  7. you're beautiful inside out! wish i did this when i cut my super-long hair the last time