Thursday, 4 September 2014

Worthing/Brighton Photo Diary

For a long weekend in summer my family and I travelled down to Worthing for my brother to take part in a tennis tournament. The first day of the tournament was rained off, so we drove into Brighton. We explored the lanes and had a lovely stroll along the pier

I absolutely love Brighton and wish I got to go down there more often. I think it would be such a lovely place to live, the lanes are so cute and you can't really beat living on the coast.

The weather was a little rough at times throughout our trip, as shown above by Dan, raincoats were a must.

My father photographed me photographing this beautiful bookshop in the lanes.

I wore Ray Ban sunglasses, Nike hoodie, vintage Michael Kors top and Levi jeans.

As we wandered from the lanes to the pier the weather really cleared up and it was absolutely beautiful walking along the pier in the sunshine. 

Many of the rides were closed due to harsh winds, which I did see create rather distraught looks on some faces, but for a sufferer of motion sickness it was nice to see everything looking a tad more peaceful than usual. 

The following day, whilst my brother played tennis, my father and I explored Worthing pier. 

The weather was chilly but sunny so I went for a comfy cosy outfit. Nike hoodie, American Apparel top, Anthropologie jeans and Adidas trainers. 

The cafe on Worthing pier was so beautiful and cute with some really delicious looking cakes!

Absolutely adore the photograph below from the 50s.

I had to include this picture I took of a minion ukelele case!


  1. Wow! Beautiful images, looks so nice where you are!!

  2. This was a really lovely post! I really like your blog's layout, have you got any tips for me on how to pick a suitable layout? Thank you :)
    - F -

    1. Aww thank you, this is just the original blogger template x

  3. the merry-go-round and the Ferris wheel! Makes me want to go to the fair :)

  4. I love fairs of all kinds! I really enjoy the vintage pic of the girls walking on the boardwalk all together :)

  5. Brighton is really beautiful! Lovely pictures :) I really want to go there one day !