Sunday, 18 June 2017

constance wannabe

If you don't get the title reference you need to watch Gossip Girl.

The Met is always one of my first stops when I'm back in New York. It really gets me in the city spirit and it's perfect for a photoshoot haha. 

I'm absolutely obsessed with these glasses so much. They made it into my May favourites, if you're interested in that video you can watch it below. I love the shape of these glasses, they are so fun. I decided to go for a more neutral colour but I would definitely be interested in potentially purchasing a bolder colour in the future. 

I love stars so so much and therefore this Nasty Gal is the perfect choker for me! 

These are my favourite trousers in my wardrobe. They're meant to be cropped, but of course on me they are not. They hang so nicely and are perfectly high waisted. 

This blazer is such a stunning statement piece (which was also included in my May favourites video). I think it works so well with a smart look like this but would also be fabulous with something more casual, such as denim shorts or a little slip dress. 

This is one of my favourite white t shirts, and let me tell you I have a large collection of white t shirts. It fits my personality incredibly.