Thursday, 28 August 2014

Tea & Science

On a sunny London Sunday, Kim and I decided to venture South of the river to the Science MuseumYou must understand that being North London born and bread this was not familiar ground. 

Thursday, 21 August 2014


It's that time of year again.

Time for the Edinburgh Festival

Going to Edinburgh every summer at the start of August is always my favourite trip of the year. Having so many shows, artists and different cultures all in the same place at the same time is so exciting to me. 

If you ever get a chance to go to the festival I would highly recommend it. 

As I have been filming a lot this summer I did make a video of the few clips I filmed over my time in Edinburgh -

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Folk By The Oak (+results)

Before I begin this post, I just wanted to say congratulations to everyone who received results yesterday. I despise talk of results and exams on social media but I think a couple of things have to be said. Congratulations to everyone. Whether you received excellent or not so great results. For me, they were my AS levels so in my opinion, which is the truth, they are not the be all and end all. I'm happy with my results despite one result which was quite a shocker. 

Everyone should be proud of how they did, if you didn't do so great - like me in one of my subjects, I think it's something to laugh about and take with a pinch of salt. It tells you that things don't always go your way; nothing will always be perfect. It would not be fair if it did. 

I may be slightly more relaxed about my results than most as I am applying to university in America, so even though they are still important, these results are not vital. Anyway, this is turning into a slight meaningless rant, but to conclude; one exam, that you wrote on one day - that could've been an off day, marked by someone who knows nothing about you, that is just a letter grade should not and does not sum up your life and you as a person.

Onwards with the post (my chums - Miranda anyone?)

Towards the beginning of summer Amber and I went to Folk By the Oak. Folk By The Oak is an all day folk festival with lots of vintage stalls and fun arts and craft tables. 

We went for some fun and that is exactly what we had. Although very tiring in the heat we made some great purchases and enjoyed the music.

photo stolen from Ambs

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Saint Lucia Photo Diary

I wanted to start this post by saying bonjour, but then I realised that is how I began my previous post. So, in an attempt to mix things up a little bit; good day to everyone. I haven't blogged for around two weeks, I've been away, then home, then away, then home, but all the time exhausted and jet lagged.

My trip to Saint Lucia was amazing. It was extremely relaxing, due to the fact my mother and I made full use of the spa, and I came back feeling very rested. I no longer feel this way having just spent six days at the Edinburgh festival, but it was great while it lasted. 

Due to its relaxing nature I didn't take too many photos, however, here is a photo diary of the ones taken. I also filmed, occasionally, and compiled the clips into a short video so feel free to check that out -