Thursday, 8 January 2015

Mistletoe & Wine

Hello there.
Remember me? 
Yeah, me neither. 

I do apologise for my absence. Things have been pretty crazy, not only with a Christmas and New Year filled with food, family and friends but with a vast amount of revision for my mocks next week. 

As you can probably tell from the title this post is all about my Christmas. I must say it is extremely photo heavy, so let's think of it as more of a Christmas photodiary. I was thinking of splitting this post into two but I decided to throw all this Christmassy goodness at you and then get on with the New Year which is most definitely going to be fabulous

These first pictures are from Christmas morning opening presents at home with my family.

My mother opening her lovely presents from her incredible family. 

My brother received many a t-shirt.

My presentation of my beautiful engraved Longchamp bag.

Sporting the Christmas hats with Joseph and my family. 

My Grandma was extremely pleased with her presents.

Daniel having a nice relax following our rather large Christmas dinner.

Daniel, me and Joe.

My beautiful cousin Freya on boxing day.

Feeling extremely Christmassy getting crepes in Hampstead surrounded by festive lights.

Our last school Carol Concert deserved a bit of celebration.

Lucy, Joe, Louis and me.

Me and Bethy dancing the night away.

Annabel, Louis and me.

Majority of my school year all festively dressed with Christmas jumper day.

Following a trip to the hairdressers, before Christmas, my brother and I hit Harvey Nichols and Harrods to go Christmas shopping.

Stopping at Wagamamas in Harvey Nichols for fuel first, of course.

Very successful trip I must say.

Cardigan - Zara
Jeans - Levi
Socks - J. Crew

Jumper - Blitz
Socks - Puma

For the second year in a row my family and I went to the TV filming of the John Bishop Christmas Show.

George Ezra and Jack Whitehall are just a couple of the names that appeared.

Playsuit - Urban Outfitters
Trainers - Adidas

Me, Maia, Eva, Izzy and Kim.

Us five had a lovely 'friendmas' that we cooked all by ourselves (which is extremely impressive if you cannot tell by my tone), predominantly cooked by Maia and Izzy but still...

As a Christmas Eve treat Joe and I had a lovely day wandering around the Aquarium.

I was extremely excited to see multiple Nemo's and Dory's.

And there you have it. My Christmas of 2014

I will leave you with an extremely natural photograph of Joe and I on New Years Eve.


  1. Lovely set of pictures! I'm glad you had a good holiday ☺
    - F -

  2. This sounds like an amazing holiday season. If only we were as into the Christmas spirit as you are. Haha I love the photos. ;)

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Haha yeah I really felt it this year!

  3. you had such a happy christmas :)