Thursday, 17 April 2014

Behind The Scenes: Blood Moon

A couple of weeks ago, just a few days before the film wrapped, I went down to Kent with my Dad to the film set of Blood Moon, a film he's producing. The film is of a Western Horror genre and even being in the town of Lassiter, where the film is set, was often a bit creepy. Spending the whole day on set was so fun and definitely got me excited, and nervous, for my future. The film is currently in post and I will let everyone know where they can get their hands on it when it is available. 

We arrived on location at 6am and got out of the car to be greeted by bitter cold winds and a walk through a mud filled field to get to the trailers. Being my first day on set I loved this struggle however, members of the cast and crew were not as thrilled; it's all part of the glamour of show business.

There were wild horses in the surrounding fields of the set and this one in particular loved the metal pathway that had been laid out for the cast and crew, my Dad seemed to find this hysterical.

The scene being shot on the day I was on set was all in an incredible, authentic horse drawn carriage.

I absolutely love the pictures I took of the actors in their period costumes immersed in the modern day setting, standing next to people in modern clothes and particularly when holding mobile phones. 

Final picture driving home in the dark.

Different kind of post but an experience I wanted to share. Posts are on the way but life is a little crazy with exams and the moment, so bare with me! 


  1. this looks amazing! it must have been incredible seeing how much time and effort I imagine has to be put into even really short scenes. is this something you wanna do in the future? xx

    1. Yeah it's incredible. Yes, potentially x

  2. Fun post, nice to see different things that people get up to in their spare time! Looks like your dad has a real fun job! x

  3. So cool! Looks like you had fun :)


  4. That sounds like such a cool experience! :) I'd like to do something like that sometime :)

  5. Wow! Looks like so much fun! Love your blog Ruby x


  6. this must be a fun experience, i wanna stroke this horse!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  7. First I look at the pictures and thought oh that looks creepy ... But then i read your text and now i understand ! Haha
    Well i am NOT at all into this kind of horror scene but i have to admit the western mix seems cool lol



    1. Haha I know what you mean, I'm excited to see the film but I'm definitely going to be terrified x

  8. This is sooo cool!!!!