Tuesday, 1 March 2016

New York for the Zang Toi Fashion Show

A couple of weekends ago I got on a train from Boston to New York for the Zang Toi fashion show.

As well as all the photographs I've posted here I also made a little video if you want to check that out too - 

I headed to South Station straight from class and jumped on the train.

Not a bad view from my hotel window, right?

It was the day before the show and we spent the day doing all the finishing touches in order for the event to run smoothly. 

That evening, everyone involved with the show came together to have food and a fair amount of cake. I met all the other volunteers and the excitement was really beginning to build. 

The following day was show day! Call time wasn't till 4pm so I spent the day wondering around the city. It was absolutely freezing, tights were definitely a poor choice...

I also did some filming for my school good morning TV show (Good Morning Emerson), for a travel segment. Hence my visiting fairly typical Manhattan destinations. 

Ahh Grand Central, where Gossip Girl began. 

I'd never walked through Bryant Park, and I am so glad I stumbled across it!

With a beautiful Le Pain Quotidien concession and a stunning frozen fountain I was pretty pleased.

Shelter was needed in the Time Square H&M. 

I'm not sure if these photographs really capture what I saw in Times Square. It was so quite it was eerie! Not the bustling place it always is.

Biggie Biggie Biggie...

Shelter came again in the form of Starbucks where I put the Valentine's drinks to test. Molten Chocolate Latte you were just what I needed.

I wandered down 5th before jumping in a cap and heading to Chelsea where the show was.

After setting the place cards and watching rehearsals it was time to usher in the guests. 

Showtime had finally arrived and I was lucky enough to get to stand and watch the whole show.

The collection is absolutely stunning.

A quick pop in to the after party and then a bed was needed.

The whole experience was extremely inspiring for me. From seeing the beautiful art in the clothes on the runway, to simply heading to New York by myself. 

Till next time NYC. x

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