Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tea at Sketch! (bday part 2)

Following brunch, mother and I headed home to collect my brother and dad. 

We headed into town to have afternoon tea at Sketch.

Every room in Sketch is so exquisitely decorated and unique. 

The china used in the tearoom is so quirky and pretty, especially under the dim pink light. The words on the china have an Alice in Wonderland feel to it, adding even more magic to the surroundings.

The food was amazing.

Unfortunately I went too hard on the sandwiches and couldn't handle any of the sweet treats another than the scone. 

Only thing I would say was they did not use real tea leaves in each individual tea pot. Come on Sketch! I love the annoying use of a strainer and the occasional unwelcome leaf in my English Breakfast!

'I am a big furry bastard and I stink of shit.'

The walls of the large room are covered in satirical and humorous cartoon artworks. Very English humour, very me, I love it.

Now you can't come to Sketch without a photoshoot in the bathroom...

Yes, you read that correctly. These white pods are the bathrooms. The lighting is stunning and I just think the whole room is incredible.

For tea I wore:

Vintage coat

Vlog of the festivities -



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  2. What a lovely post! The food looks delicious and you look so pretty! Also, it seems like a really nice place.


  3. I want to go to sketch so much!!! The toilets look insanely cool (though I do feel strange typing that). Your outfit is fab, the perfect mix of smart and casual. Also, what foundation do you wear? Your skin is flawless! Hope you’re having a great week,
    Bethany xx

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    1. Haha they are amazing! I wear Nars shear glow! xx