Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Hair & Ham Yard

I LOVE going to the hairdressers.

I have never understood my friends who hate getting their haircut and never go. 

Hair grows! And I just love the beautiful environment of the hairdressers. In particular, my hairdressers; Daniel Galvin Junior. Below's a picture of me and the man himself.

I just love to sit in the chair, catch up with social media, read, chill and watch my hair get done. It's so relaxing for me.

I'm kind of missing my long hair and definitely want it a bit longer for summer. That being said, I only got a little trim and the usual highlights. 

One of my favourite places to eat in London is The Good Life Eatery, and lucky for me a brand new one just opened opposite my hairdressers.

Following a bit of birthday shopping with perfectly quaffed hair, it was time to head home and get ready.

It was my birthday eve, and to celebrate I went for dinner at the Ham Yard hotel with two of my friends, Maia and Lucy.

For dinner I wore:

Vintage coat

Always tell the restaurant it's your birthday, you might get free cake...

I love the Ham Yard hotel. I think it's so cool and unique, and the food is great. Afternoon tea there is meant to be really lovely, so that's on my to do list for summer!

(How pretty are these lights?!)

Following a lovely dinner we headed out to one of my favourite clubs Roxy.

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