Tuesday, 3 November 2015

another lengthly update

Hello world! It's me again!

Time for another ridiculously long life update from me, as I have neglected this blog yet again... I'm going to try and be better but I think my excuse is valid. College in Boston has begun! I'm loooving it but I am spread pretty thin, so many rehearsals, so much homework and very little sleep is occurring. 

So, what I'm going to do in order to catch everyone up, as well as reflect on this crazy time myself, is to start with the all the new things in Boston and then finishing by wrapping up what I got up to at the end of summer. 

Ok, so pictured above is my final adios to my bedroom in London. Quite emotional looking at it as I sit on my single bed in my, let's say, petite college bedroom. My bed is definitely something I miss about London but I know that time apart is going to make the moment of being reunited truly incredible. 

Don't get me wrong, I tried very hard to pack light for uni. But you know what, I have a lot of stuff. A lot of necessary stuff. Predominantly clothes and not one item of clothing I brought it being put to waste... 

Five of the eight bags pictured above were full of my clothes...

And upon arrival in Boston we made the imperative freshman trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond to purchase the necessities that were not required to be brought from London.

Moving into my room was surprisingly stressful. I thought I'd just throw everything in and it'd be easy and just the way I wanted it, but it took far longer than anticipated to get everything where I wanted it - particularly due to the lack of space I was given to work with. I'm in a suite with five other girls, we share a bathroom and a living area and I most definitely have the smallest room. I do however have the best view, so it has it's perks...

Of course my room would not be complete without my fairly lights, obscene amount of photographs of my friends and family and my Union Jack pillow.

And the moving in process would not be completely without an Instagram to prove this... 

My college is right on Boston Common. Also on Boston Common is a statue of a man by the name of William Ellery Channing. The man in which my school in London is named after... Scary coincidence no?

The night before my parents and brother left for London, and therefore my last night in the hotel with them, I indulged in my last bath till Christmas with some cookies and chocolate milk. 

Of course I was very sad to see my parents and Daniel go, yet the goodbye was not a big emotional one for me. Having found out that I had my place at college nine months ahead of going, I had had a lot of time to prepare for the event; and when it finally arrived I was very ready to start. I was in the right mindset and it was all very exciting rather than scary and upsetting. I know so many people that have been so nervous for this new chapter in their lives, and for whatever reason I just didn't posses those anxieties. 

Above are photographs from the last couple of months. Boston is so beautiful. I had only visited the city once before starting college and was not familiar with it at all. I would definitely not consider myself an expert at this point but I'm definitely getting the hang of it and am soooo excited for my friends to come and visit me at some point and to share my new home with them. 

So far my experience in Boston and at college has been amazing. I know some people struggle at the start but I have not found that at all. Perhaps because I was so ready, perhaps it has just been the perfect fit for me. I'm so busy and I'm so tired I don't really have time to overthink and get sad about missing home or living a completely different life to many of my friends. I have definitely thrown myself into everything. 

An exciting event that occurred since being at college was my weekend in New York for my friend Emily's birthday!

The trip wholly consisted of eating... Which I don't think a bad thing to focus on when you have less than three days in New York! The lack of shopping was upsetting though it just means I'll have to make up for it when back there for Thanksgiving haha.

New York at that time of year (we were there Columbus day weekend) was absolutely stunning, and we were lucky enough to have clear blue skies the whole time! My favourite kind of weather - cold enough for a jacket, but sunny so you can still wear sunglasses. The trip was short and sweet and made me so excited to go back for Thanksgiving and hopefully in summer for an internship. 

I have a crazy amount of work pretty much all the time. It all gets done, but I am often drowning. Many of my friends in the UK have a completely different experience with their work load and how busy their weeks are, it's very weird to think how different our lives our compared to the parallel schedules we all shared last year. 

The Boston public library is a place I have been visiting, far less frequently than perhaps I should be but I know when finals come around it will most likely be a main hang out. It's absolutely stunning, and for me it is definitely motivating to be surrounded by people working. 

Now back to summer...

Looking at these pictures is kind of surreal for me as all of these events feel like they were SO long ago. So much has changed and it just makes me ridiculously excited to be back in London in December. 

More posts are being scheduled... Or I am at least attempting to do so!! 

This post should help me at least receive a slight bit of sympathy for my lack of presence. But I do want to continue to document and it's far better when I do it more frequently. Motivation is here, and hopefully to stay!

(^^ American's do not understand x's at all... But more on that another time.)

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