Sunday, 6 December 2015

First Thanksgiving in NYC

So I am currently chilling in bed, in a duvet burrito, having just paused Ferris Bueller on Netflix. I haven't been feeling too well this week so I've been having a pretty relaxed weekend and am going to venture into the world to get myself some comfort food in a bit. Now that I have excellently explained my current situation, I thought I would look back on my first Thanksgiving in America. 

I met my parents in New York, along with multiple family friends, and although it wasn't quite the rest I desperately needed it was a great trip.

I made a little video from the trip and have placed a convenient link here if you have any interest of watching it -

I took the train from Boston to New York, and despite it taking an hour longer than expected I do really enjoy taking trains. I didn't quite finish my homework like I had hoped but I did get a well needed nap.

Our first day started early. 

It's not quite a trip to New York without brunch at Sarabeths on Central Park. However, the only reservation we could get was ridiculously early, but it was definitely worth it. 

Our family friends from Atlanta met us there and it was so so lovely.

Our friends had yet to go on the Subway, so we decided to take them for their first experience. 

We took the Subway down to one of my favourite places; Chelsea Market.

One of the best things to purchase at Chelsea Market is rings. Almost all of my rings are from various stalls there and they're all stunning. They also have increeeedible ice cream, which I just couldn't resist despite it being 11AM. 

Following a quick lunch at Bubby's we hopped onto the High Line. The weather was absolutely perfect. My favourite kind of weather; cold but sunny. Coats and sunglasses - the best combination.

My parents got married in New York before I was born and my Dad hadn't been back since the wedding. It was very exciting to be in the city with him, especially having not spent a lot of time together recently since I'm now at college - my Mum too of course!

I then had coffee with my dear friend David from London who goes to Duke. It was so nice and surreal to see a friend from home, especially in New York!

Following my grande unsweetened iced black tea I crossed through Times Square to meet up with my parents and family friend at Bar Centrale. 

I can't explain how good this pizza was.

I've been thinking about it this week.

A lot.

My Dad left my Mother and I to go to meetings and we managed to get last minute tickets to see School of Rock the musical.

The show was absolutely incredible. I am very critical, so it means a lot when I saw that I haven't enjoyed a show so much in a very long time. My brother and I used to constantly watch the film when we were younger and the creaters of the show definitely managed to recreate the aspects of the film that make it so great. They used the two songs from the film, as well as additional ones, had the key lines from the film in the script and stayed true to the pivotal features in all the characters. I cannot praise it enough. I cannot wait for it to (hopefully) come to London!

Kitty and I had a nice stroll through Central Park on Thanksgiving afternoon. Before...

... heading to Momofuku milk bar. We bought multiple treats yet had the discipline to save them till after our Thanksgiving meal.

I didn't take any pictures of our Thanksgiving dinner, but my parents and I and our best family friends had dinner together. We're all like family, and even though we don't get too see each other that much we're all so close and it was such a nice time. The only thing missing was my brother who was at school in London :( haha.

The following day was another early start. We headed to MoMA for the Picasso Sculptures exhibition.

I love MoMA. The atmosphere, the building, the garden, and this exhibition was so great.

With the family friend we met at MoMA we headed to Greenwich Village where she lives.

She showed us her favourite parts of the area. The village isn't a place I am familiar with, so it was great so hear about it from someone who loved it so much and to see things I probably wouldn't have noticed just going there myself.

That evening we went to see An American in Paris. The show was good and I really enjoyed it, but it's one of my favourite films so...

Saturday was my last full day in New York. The parents and I headed out of the city to Port Washington to have a more chilled day with family friends and my favourite puppy.

We chilled, shopped and went to the cinema.

We saw Spotlight in the cinema which was so so great. It was also very exciting for me with it being set in Boston and seeing places I recognise. The story was so hard hitting and very terrifying to me.

On my last morning we brunched at Sant Ambroeus with my Mum's friend Zang Toi. 

Honestly the best avocado toast I have ever had.

Following brunch we walked down Madison to Zang's show room. I chose some of my favourite pieces from his collection before running off to Penn Station. My parents stayed a lot longer and I have heard that my Mother did a great amount of damage.

The showroom is absolutely stuuuuunning, one of my favourite places to pop in to when in the city. 

(Snapchat - rubyvishnick)

Overall, an absolutely incredible trip. I was so exhausted and slept pretty much the whole train ride home but had the best best time!

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  1. I love reading your day in the life posts! I find them so fun and interesting to read :) I'm glad you had a nice time in New York.

    Fran -