Sunday, 17 January 2016

Home For A Week

Currently having a nice lazy Sunday following my first week back at college. Face mask on, Troye Sivan playing, and now reminiscing on my week in London over winter break. 

I was only home in London for a week before heading to California (more info to follow in upcoming blog posts don't you worry). It was amazing to be back home and I'm so excited to back for spring break already. I didn't film this week at home, so it is with great regret that I am not inserting a YouTube clip of my vlog at home, a mistake I will definitely be learning from. 

In my typical ridiculous nature, after landing in London at 9am I headed straight to the hairdressers.

My hair was in some serious need of attention. 
I am just not ready to find a hairdresser in Boston.

My hair had gotten pretty long and it was ready to be chopped off, an occurrence which will be repeated when home in March. 

I left this coat in London (by mistake) this trip, let us take a moment to think about this momentary loss.


Ok, moving on.

Christmas decorations were in full bloom, the whole city looked so Christmassy and beautiful.

That evening my mum and I met up with my brother and dad at the Soho Hotel for a looovely dinner before heading to the theatre to see Miss Saigon. 

Unfortunately due to a lack of sleep, I did end up having a nap during the performance which I am very upset about. I blame the short distance between Boston and London. I'm sorry but 6 hours is not long enough to be considered an overnight flight. Even if you do sleep for the whole flight that isn't very much! But I was so hungry when I got on the flight, so of course I needed the (not so) delicious meal whilst watching a film. Then that's two hours gone. So four hours left of interrupted sleep. Which isn't even a full four hours because landing technically starts half an hour before getting anywhere near the ground. Therefore, I had around 3 and a half hours of sleep and then a full day. Perhaps I should not have convinced my mum that I would be absolutely fine... But you know, you win some you lose some. 

What I did see of the show was absolutely incredible, and I'm going to make sure I get to see it again. This time in full.

The following day I had brunch at one of my favourite places in Primrose Hill, the Greenberry Cafe. Unfortunately this meal went unphotographed, but if you have any interest in what I get I usually get poached eggs, with avocado, raw tomato and bacon.

That evening I was reunited with some of my favourite people ever. We had a lovely dinner followed by a plan to go clubbing that was not completed due to being too full and tired. I know, we're wild.

A walk through Kenwood was imperative, as was lunch at the Carob Tree with the brother, mother and grandmother. Documentation of this event below; notice the socks. 

More London greats were brought back into my life that evening. Dominos!!!! And of course many of my friends... 

English Dominos has nothing on American Dominos, where are the cookies America?!?!

After a late night and therefore a late rise, Amber and I headed to Brick Lane. We wandered through Spittlefields and visited the old favourite shops. It was weirdly nostalgic as we've been making the same trip, doing the same things since we were about 13. 

I need to go back to this stall. I dream about it. Olives and baklava?! What more could you want... Literally what more?

Another glorious day trip with one of the most fabulous people in my life. Lunch under the heaters, and blankets, at Bluebird followed by a wander around the Saatchi gallery. 

I then ceased to document the evening; but Kim and I met Eva and Maia at Meat Market in Covent Garden before meeting Izzy and going to see Derren Brown's show 'Miracle'. Which was, of course, fantastic.

Following breakfast with Alex, we strolled through Camden to meet Maia and Kim in Primrose Hill.

After a nice lunch we took advantage of our location and headed to the Primrose Bakery.

That evening was a good old Christmas party. With a Christmas tree and of course a Florence. 

And then all of a sudden it was my last day in London! A nice family day with the beautiful Freya decked out in full Christmas attire. 

So that's it. Short but definitely sweet. 

Here are a couple of pics from the second half of my first semester at college -

Many a post on the way about my trip to California!


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