Friday, 29 January 2016

That's So Princess Mia (Photographs from San Fran)

As you can probably, hopefully, tell from the title of this post I have always associated San Fransisco with That's So Raven and The Princess Diaries. Due to my love for these two incredible art forms I was very excited to visit the city I spent many hours watching Princess Mia and Raven live their lives. 

The city is incredible and so unique. We stayed in a hotel with stunning views - as you can see - and considering we were extreeeemely jetlagged it was lovely to wake up early and watch the sunrise from above. 

We landed on Christmas Eve, had dinner and went to bed. 

For our first full day, Christmas day, I put on my most Christmassy ensemble - a poor attempt - of a wooly jumper and of course some red lipstick. 

We headed out to explore in my favourite type of weather - cold but sunny, coat and sunglasses. 

We wandered from China Town, to Little Italy right down to Fisherman's Wharf. 

We had an early Christmas dinner at the hotel before heading to bed around 7:30, or maybe even earlier... 

The following we day we slowly made our way to see the great Golden Gate Bridge. 

After a lot of Googling and looking through the guide book we found a lovely French Restaurant called Cafe Claude. We had fabulous authentic French cuisine which I would definitely recommend to anyone who finds themselves in San Fran. 

Another early night and early rise... 

The next day we were off!

We climbed into our not so chic rental car and headed to Monterey.

We made a quick stop in Santa Cruz which reminded of Newquay in Cornwall (England, not Connecticut) so much, that easy going surfer vibe but very chic (sorry I overuse this word far too much) - if you get me?

I'd definitely love to go back to Santa Cruz and have a bit more of an explore than a quick tea on the pier. 

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