Saturday, 6 February 2016

santa barbara and claremont

Following our pit stop in Santa Cruz we drove on to beautiful Santa Barbara. 

We stayed in a stunning resort for the next couple of days. It was such a lovely place and was so nice to have a relax after the busy days in San Francisco.

Can't beat a hotel breakfast. Am I right?!?! 


Daniel took a break out of his busy schedule to come and meet us for lunch which was so nice. I only saw him for a couple of days in London before he left for tennis reasons that I won't bore you with. 

Despite it being pretty warm in the day, it got very cold in the evenings. 

None of us were prepared.

Even being sat around the fire with multiple blankets each was not sufficient. 

We drove around the campus of University of California, Santa Barbara before Daniel had a hit on their courts. I'm desperate for him to go to college in California! (Daniel if you're reading this nowhere else is not an option ok?! Cool.)

Next we were off to Claremont for Daniel to play in a tennis show case at the University there. Daniel was not best pleased in my post pedicure attire that I showed up in to watch him. Personally I thought it was a necessary statement.

Bit of a photo heavy post here. We didn't get up to too much in Santa Barbara and Claremont, particularly compared to our other destinations. It mainly consisted of a lovely relax and then a lot of tennis viewing. 

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