Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Picturesque California

We said our goodbyes to Daniel, and our goodbyes to Claremont and headed to Monterey Bay. 

As stated in the title, everything was just so beautiful and picturesque. There's something so special about the light and the colours in California. 

After our first day in Monterey we headed to Carmel for the day, stopping off at Point Lobos. 

I cannot wait to go back to Point Lobos and do more exploring, it was absolutely stunning.

Carmel, too, was beautiful. 

Like come on?! Look at this beach!

One more sleep in Monterey and then it was off to LA!

We stopped off to have a look at these Elephant Seals! We were lucky enough for it to be mating season, which meant so many of them were on the beach.

I loved seeing them digging holes in the sand and then putting the cold sand on top of them to cool themselves down. 

So cute!


  1. The ocean looks so beautiful. In fact, all these photos look beautiful. Maybe you're just a talented photographer x

    The Life of Little Me

  2. Well Nice! California is beautiful Ruby! You sure had a great time! Your posts make me want to travel!!! Why are you doing this to meee hahaha <3
    Jade xo