Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Wow Wow West Coast

And here we are. The final post recapping my trip to California and we finish in beautiful Los Angeles.

Now before we go into what I experienced in LA I thought I'd share the video I created of the whole trip -

After an early night and an early rise we headed to the Courtyard Kitchen for lunch. 

Despite the forecast we managed to sit in the courtyard rain free and enjoy a lovely lunch in the lovely LA sun, although it was a bit chilly. 

Chia seed smoothies and chicken sandwiches? Pretty perfect if you ask me. 

Why do I keep using rhetorical questions...?


Following a chilled afternoon or wandering around Santa Monica and sadly purchasing nothing we headed home. 

I think this lovely lunch was devoured at the Farm Shop in Brentwood (?) and have genuinely been craving it since. An incredible steak with potatoes and salad, and of course an iced tea.

The rain finally hit and their were genuine weather warnings. As a Londoner I found it quite laughable how the LA residents reacted to rain, I personally find it quite comforting. 

The weather cleared up in the evening and my mother and I headed for some browsing around Abbott Kinney.

The following day the rain was pretty crazy - and you can trust my opinion having been exposed to rain for a great part of my life in England.

We took shelter from the rain in Cafe Gratitude where we spotted numerous stars and even bumped into a friend. Small world eh?!

Excluding the 'what are you grateful for?' writing, these are the plates that we have at home which made my mother very happy. I love the additional writing and I must say it really adds something to the food Instagram I did (lol).

Can't say I was a fan of whatever this dessert was ^. Having had on and off dairy problems for many years now (ew lol) I'm always excited for vegan desserts, but I can't say this one was anything special. Though my main course was lovely!

Our final day had arrived and we finally got to do what I had wanted to do for the whole trip! Well almost... 

I was desperate to go to Malibu Farm and go on a hike, yet the weather had been permitting both of these activities. Then fatigue hindered the latter...

Iced tea and watermelon juice for me and Dan.

Always berries and granola for me and a side of bacon, though I won't lie and say I didn't try Daniel's incredible breakfast sandwich. 

I also must add that the granola was slightly too nutty for me, but you know, that' just me.

We were treated to beautiful weather on our last day in LA. Here are the photographs to prove it.

That afternoon my mother and I headed down to Venice for the compulsory walk through the bustle and craziness of it all.

A quick drink at the Rose Cafe before meeting up with everyone for dinner at Katsuya.

And that was it. The following morning it was off to the airport to fly back to Boston.

Although I do wish that I got to spend more time in London over break, I'm so glad I got to go to so many new places and spend quality time with my family and some of my favourite people. 

Can't wait to head back to the west coast. Potentially next Thanksgiving... 


  1. Oh Ruby this is all amazing! Looks so fun! I wish I can just get away. Maybe soon- Your pictures make me feel like hanging out with you lol xo