Thursday, 23 June 2016

Blossom Blanket in NYC (with late night thoughts escalating to the Brexit)

Helloooo there, it's currently 11:34PM on the 23rd of June. The votes of the EU referendum are being counted and I am anxiously sitting in bed refreshing to see which side is ahead. I'm not sure if I'm going to stay awake to see the final result, but I am desperate too. 

Anyway, there is still a while to go so I thought I would attempt to distract myself by writing this blog post. My absence is just due to busyness and perhaps a little bit of lazyness. But I'm back!! 

I really love these photos I took in Washington Square Park at the very start of my time in New York, about two months ago. So I thought I would share them with you, and have a bit of a ramble. 

How beautiful is this blossom?!!?! Now that it is officially summer the blossom around the city, much to my dismay. has deceased and the humidity has taken it's place. I'm really not a fan of the heat but experiencing the heat in Boston and now here, I think I've built up a bit more of a tolerance to it. I am, however, constantly being blasted by air conditioning - on the train, in the office, in Sephora (the addiction and VIB Rouge status is so real) so I am only outside when I'm going somewhere, and I always make sure to have an iced beverage in my hand. 

Can we give Pret A Manger iced coffee a little shout out? Been really enjoying it tbh. But why is Dunkin the only chain doing almond milk?! Like come on. Pret orange juice for the win, forever, and the brownies!! Pret is more of a mini cafe if we're really analysing things though, the food is real - if that makes sense. (What was this rant... I don't want to get rid of it but what?! I'm pretty tired. You know when you're body tired but your eyes aren't? Yep, that.)

I love to get my nails done every week. During the semester it was my Thursday evening ritual. Yet since being in New York and doing my internship, the weekend has been the only option.  But last weekend, life got in the way - and unless it has been over two weeks, life should come above nails. I don't mind having long nails, they're pretty strong so it's ok, but I do find it quite uncomfortable. Tonight, however, disaster struck in the shower. I have never had a nail break so badly. And because my nails are sooo long, due to the lack of manicure this past weekend, it's laughably obvious. 

Wow, these late night thoughts are riveting... 

Oh my god. The BBC just forecast that the UK is going to leave the EU. I am so anxious. I don't know why I just assumed that things would be ok, I knew it would be close, but come on?! I guess my faith in humanity was too great... Perhaps I speak too soon because the final result has not been cast. But oh my god, I'm so nervous. This is going to effect my future. This is going to effect the whole world. This is going to effect everything. Now that things are so close there's no way I'm not staying up... I'll just have to get a larger coffee tomorrow. 

The New York Times just posted an article saying we have left the EU but still says votes are being counted...?!?!??!??!!  This New York Times article has completely misread the BBC's statement! The BBC forecast they did not state! Not all votes have been counted. Idiots. 

Clearly my previous anger over the New York Times article shows that I am (or should I say was) for the UK staying in the EU. But it has now been announced that 'The UK has voted by 52% to 48% to leave the European Union' as stated by the BBC. I'm heartbroken. My eyes are full of tears and I'm in complete shock.

At a time of great despair following the Orlando shooting, and so many other disasters that have occurred this past year, it is devastating that it seems humanity is not willing to unite together and face the world's problems together. 

I am devastated and heartbroken. And there really is no going back.

I'm going home to London in just over a week, I have been so excited for so long, but this event does change this. A lot is going to change. 

I was going to continue this blog post with fun and random thoughts, as it has begun, and I apologise that it ended up taking a slightly more negative tone. Perhaps I will post again about my thought on this topic, but for now I think it is time to go to bed... Meaning distract myself with youtube videos. 

I'm deeply heartbroken to no longer be able to call myself a European. 


  1. New York is so beautiful! I miss it so much! Much more, now that I'm seeing these pictures!
    Jade x
    ps- Sorry about your political worries :/

  2. The flowers, the greenery, everything is so eye soothing..