Thursday, 7 July 2016

Inside House of Toi

After a lovely, and much needed, lie in I'm still in bed on my penultimate day in New York. My mother arrives from London tonight, we're packing up my things tomorrow, and heading to New Haven on Wednesday. (My brother is playing in a tennis show case at the Yale campus - hence our trip to New Haven). 

After finishing my internship, I had a couple of weeks left in New York that I spent helping out at Zang Toi's showroom. 

The showroom is forever pristine and absolutely stunning. It's like stepping into another world, particularly now with the streets of Manhattan being bustling and humid. 

I feel as if these past two months in New York has been a whole lifetime. I have learnt so much invaluable knowledge, about New York, about working life and particularly about myself. I really feel that there is only so much you can learn without experiencing things in the real world - and college is not really the real world. Academic institutions are very much their own bubble and it is difficult to branch out of that bubble whilst there, and why would you want to? It's comfortable and safe; and it feels grown up. But only when you experience the next level do you realise this. 

Having just completed my freshman year it was definitely not essential for me to have an internship and be in Manhattan and having this experience, but I have never been more grateful and happy about a decision. 

I want to talk a lot more about this topic so I am going to be doing a YouTube video on it, so stayed tune over a !!

I'm so excited to be heading back to London soon. Despite the Brexit making my arrival home slightly bitter, I am ecstatic to be heading to my favourite place in the world and further reflecting on the past year. 

There's no place like London. 


  1. How did you get involved with Zang Toi??? That's so cool!!!

    1. He's an old friend of my mother's!

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