Monday, 18 July 2016

Brunch is The Best Meal of The Day (Brunch in NYC)

Being back home in London has greatly made me reflect on the past year. A big part of my life is food, I am a reaaaal foodie, and brunch is by far the best meal of the day. So I thought I'd share a couple of my favourite brunch spots in New York. If you ever get a chance to, definitely check them out!


First on the list is Bubby's. A very popular spot with incredible food and a great location.

Bubby's is right opposite the Whitney Museum at the end of the High Line. 

I couldn't resist a couple of cute pictures with the adorable Bubby's mug!!

(My gorgeous purple cardigan is from the lovely Zang Toi.)

Both of us had coffee, then for food I opted for scrambled eggs and bacon and mother had an omelette. 

I honestly think about this meal regularly. Everything was sooo fresh, and the bread was amazing!

Everyday a selection of pies are made fresh. Despite being more of a crumble than a pie girl I couldn't resist.

This strawberry and rhubarb pie was honestly the best I've ever had. 

This restaurant puts so much into their food and it is definitely evident. 


Next, let's visit a New York classic... Sarabeth's. 

Now I must say that I do prefer the Central Park location, but I'm glad we went to the original one on the Upper East Side. 

I looooove how they served the iced coffee and it was so so good. Slightly struggling with the lack of readily available iced coffee in England... 

My go to breakfast order is most definitely granola and yoghurt with a side of bacon, and this one did not disappoint. Couldn't done with a bit more yoghurt but the fruit was perfect, as was the granola. 

Mother's spinach and cheese omelette was also fab. 

The ambience in Sarabeth's is always great, we went on a week day and it was still packed. 

This New York classic is definitely worth a visit. 

I'm doing my best to avoid iPhone pictures on the blog but I had to include these two FAB places downtown.

Two Hands

Two Hands is definitely worth visiting simply for the decor! I mean look at those cute little clouds, but the food is so great as well. 

For me an acai bowl is all about the toppings, and despite these being lovely I needed some more fresh fruit. 

After finishing our bowls we were still a little peckish so decided to share an avo toast. This was sooooo good, but next time I'd definitely ask for no chilli flakes.

Excuse the Celine in your face, I had just purchases it and was rather excited haha. 

And finally...


I was leaving New York soon and thought it was time to have some American pancakes, and that was a very good choice by me. The nuts and banana were a lovely touch, but to me the best thing to have with your pancakes is bacon. 

And this bacon was just stunning! 

I shall end this post here, dreaming about all of these meals and eager to return to New York very very soon. 

Thanks for reading!!! 
Ruby x


  1. I love love love going out for breakfast, and cute cafes with aesthetic looking food like these. New York just makes it all the greater!! All these places look stunning.

    The Life of Little Me