Sunday, 21 August 2016

no idiots pls

I have been extremely moody this weekend. It's not cute. Comfort food isn't cutting it. People are letting me down, and I'm just not at my best. I'm currently listening to ANTI which is, not so surprisingly, really helping me. I'm fab, this mood will soon pass. 

Anyway, bad mood explanation over. However, people being idiots not so much. I came across this incredible Illustrated People top and couldn't help but giving it a purchase. 

People are rarely even trying to not be dumb. Please be more aware people. 

Everyone has to occasionally be selfish, selfcare always comes first. Yet I am finding many people embarrassingly selfish, and I will not accept it. 

I'm no longer going to put effort with people who never give me a second thought, particularly with their being so many fabulous people out there. 

Ooooofff check out those Chanel (eye)bags. 


Why am I looking down so much?

Oh the eye bags of course...

Be aware my pretties, don't be dumb!!!

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