Monday, 29 August 2016

top tips to survive the edinburgh fringe festival

1. Plan your day... 
... in regards to the shows you are going to see. I wouldn't say it's necessary to plan your whole trip but it is nice to know where your day is heading. In my opinion, it's best to do a quick and jam packed trip, which means back to back shows. So just have a think about what you want to see when you get up in the morning.

We saw 15 shows in three days.

That being said, if you ever have spare time it's definitely worth heading to a box office and asking what's on in the next hour and overall what they recommend. 

2. Book the big tickets
Shows sell out. If you're looking to see a big comedian or a famous show you definitely want to check ticket availability at the start of your trip. We knew we wanted to see David O'Doherty, we went to book tickets online and saw that we could only get tickets on our last night which ended up selling out. So had we not checked on our first day we wouldn't have been able to see him. 

If things are sold out don't be disheartened, there are sooo many fabulous shows on!

3. Check distance between venues
This could come under the umbrella of planning your day... If you have back to back shows check where the venues are. Most venues are close together but as the day progresses and the drinks begin to flow, things tend to run late. You also don't really want to be running around the cobbled streets of Edinburgh in a hurry. 

4. Airbnb it
If you have a friends house to stay in fab. We did not and we had such an incredible experience with Airbnb. Our location was absolutely incredible, which is key in these instances. You want to roll out of bed and go see a show. It's prime time in Edinburgh because of the fringe so hotels get booked up fast and are also pretty expensive. 

5. Concessions
Don't forget that student tickets are a thing! They won't remind you so be clever. 

That's pretty much all the tips I have for you! Going up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is one of my favourite things to do in the summer, I aaaabsolutely love it. There's something for everyone!

If you want to know all the shows I saw at the Fringe it's all in this vlog I made whilst up there -

How cute is my suitcase?? I made a video showing my stickering experience if you want to check that out - 


  1. Fringe looks and sounds amazing! A group of my friends went this year and missed David O'doherty because they didn't get tickets soon enough and were gutted- He is so hilarious!
    Bethany x

  2. Gorgeous photos! I wanna go so badly, v jel! These tips will come in handy x