Thursday, 8 September 2016

here's my yesterweek: Back in Boston

Let's do this post like a diary type thing.

Today is Sunday 4th September.

Tomorrow mother and I fly from London to Boston.

It's currently 10:48, brunch is booked for 11. Brunch with my family. Due to my father breaking his foot, and other tedious reasons that I will not bore you with, our family holiday was cancelled. This means that we did not spend much time together as a family. We should have left for brunch five minutes ago and no one is ready but me. Very frustrating and for me it taints such an event as I do not get over things quickly. I personally, most definitely, sweat the small stuff. I can't help it. Especially at a time where the anxiety levels are up as I'm going back to college. 

I'm having dinner with friends tonight which will be nice. Feelings are very mixed about this departure and they change more frequently than daily, as my emotions often do. A couple of days ago I felt suffocated here, but now I'm nervous to go. Nerves are normal though, you will never do a good performance without nerves. 

10:51, mother is not ready as she misplaced a jumper. A jumper she does not need at this instant, but evidently it takes precedence over a family meal. Ha ha ha, very I'm being bitter but this ordeal has put me in a bad mood. 

10:53, she is ready. Let us depart...

It is now Thursday and my plan to write a little bit everyday has clearly not gone to plan.

I'm back in Boston and today is the second day of classes.

I'm pretty jetlagged, so despite having an amazing schedule which allows me to sleep in, I was up at 7. I washed my hair, went to Dunkin and got breakfast and jumped back into bed to eat while continuing to binge watch BoJack Horseman.

I like having a lot of time to get ready so being up early does have its positives. I'm also going to New York for the weekend so I packed for that this morning. Mother and I will be leaving straight after class today.

Enough about today, let's look back on the past couple of days.

Sunday night, the last night in London, I had a lovely dinner with all my girls. A little emotional but let us not dwell on that.

I got home pretty late and had to get up early to pack so sleep was minimal (hangover not so minimal). Packing was pretty painless and we were off to the airport. Due to the lack of sleep the previous night I slept for the majority of the flight and then watched Zootropolis.

After spending two hours in the customs line we got to the hotel, ordered room service and rented Cafe Society before going to bed.

Tuesday was moving in day. We got a two minute cab with my five suitcase and headed up to my room. The rest of the school was already moved in so I couldn't get my keys at the usual check in. Luckily my roommate is jetlagged too so she was up.

A ridiculous amount of sifting through clothes and the unpacking of six UPS boxes later, we were done and exhausted. We headed for an early dinner and then mother retired to the hotel. My roommate, Matilda, and I went to see War Dogs. (Which was incredible).

Wednesday. First day of class. Painless and pretty exciting. I was up so early due to jetlag that the day seemed to last forever, I was exhausted by 9PM.

And here we are. Just a brief catch up, I think it'd be far more exciting had I written everyday so I shall learn from this.

I need to leave for class in 15 minutes so allow me to proof read this post and then it will be posted. I realise this makes no sense because the fact that you are reading this means that it is posted, but indulge me please.

Speak soon x 


  1. It sounds like you've been busy! xx

  2. I love this post! It's like a written vlog and the photos are so cute! x