Monday, 21 November 2016

Mid semester update w pics from Blackpool

These pics are from a weekend trip to Blackpool I took with my parents over the summer. The text most definitely is not. It is currently November 2nd, I'm in Boston, I'm in class and I'm exhausted.

This past month, and this whole semester really, has been absolutely crazy. I haven't been able to keep up with my instagram and I've hardly been wearing make up - if you know anything about me these two factors really show how busy things have been. 

It would be silly to say that things have calmed down, but a big 'project' (I will get to explaining this) has just come to a close so hopefully now I will be able to get back on track with this bloggy thing as well as my videos. 

I thought it was cute to pair a manic update about what's been going on with these tranquil pics from my trip to Blackpool, because I'm cute right..? 

I really just want to use this space as more of a diary, and document my thoughts and feelings more and really use this as a creative outlet. Not somewhere that needs to be perfect, but somewhere I can just share. I feel like I've said this before but... Here my same perspective is again!

Ok, let's get on with this update. 

^^ Look at this pweddy flower.

It was so cold and windy by the water. Blackpool was a very interesting place but the pretty parts were stunning. I do love the English seaside, though it can be very dated and sad.

My Dad used to live in Blackpool so this trip was somewhat nostalgic for him, and I loved sharing that with him. He lived here for 19 years, that's my whole life!! 

I had a great freshman year, I really did. One of the main things I took away from it, however, was how to make my sophomore year even better. The culture of my college is to do as much as possible, to spread yourself really thin, to run on minimal sleep and to just always be busy. 

It's very intense and it's very crazy but I love it. This is what I've done this semester, and although I've been sick for over a week and I'm exhausted, I'm so so happy. I'm working on so many great things and meeting so many fabulous people all the time. 

This semester I am the Entertainment Correspondent for the good morning TV show on my school TV channel. The show is twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday at 9am and it is LIVE. So I have to be in studio at 7:40am. So I have to go to sleep relatively early in order to wake up at 6:40 in order to slap the make up on and get something to eat before heading to the studio. It's also crucial to caffeinate. 

I always have dance rehearsals Monday and Wednesday and then I have to shower and do homework and all that jazz, so sleep before the shows is often minimal. 

I write four stories per show and have to find and cut my own video footage to go along with it. 

I do love doing this and it is great experience but it is a COMMITMENT. 

It's my first time being live in studio and I'm definitely learning so much from it. I know that I definitely still have some perfecting to do and I definitely need to get some earlier nights. 

Maybe soon I will share some clips of me on the show... Maybe...

It is now November 13th... I'm determined to get this post up things are just a lot. 

I am currently on a break in the first rehearsal of tech week for the dance show I am in. It is Sunday and the show is on Saturday. 

It is also the Saturday of the Presidential election... Wow, let's have a little discussion about this. 

As the Brexit result was announced I was writing and blog post and couldn't help myself but document my thoughts, so here that is if you're interested -

It is now November 21st. I'm leaving Boston to go to Miami for thanksgiving tomorrow. I'm ending this post so I can begin another... I'M TERRIBLE AT BLOGGING. 

Ily <3 

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