Thursday, 10 July 2014

Summer Has Commenced

Summer has commenced. Unfortunately my first week of some what freedom is an SAT prep extensive course. I'm just over half way through and I'm exhausted, it is a lot more intense than expected but also a lot more fun and enjoyable. Due to the course I had not been documenting too much so I am going to share photos from my first afternoon/evening of summer enjoyment with Lucy.

My top is from Urban Outfitters, (I'm in love with it, they only had a medium online and I think a small would have been better but I was too desperate for it.) my shorts are vintage Levi from Rokit, my shoes are Nike, sunglasses are Urban Outfitters and my bag is from Mulberry. 

Lucy wore a lovely little ensemble of a Forever 21 dress, Jessica Simpson for Kurt Geiger sandals, Ray Ban sunglasses and her Prada bag.

I also vlogged this lovely outing so feel free to check out the video below. I'm going to be vlogging a lot this summer however, I haven't been this week due to the SAT course.

I forced Lucy to do a free eye test in Boots.

As you can see from these photographs our evening consisted of a vast amount of food. We began with a Pinkberry in Selfridges, then some avocado and cucumber maki also in Selfridges, we then went for dinner at Byron on the King's Road and much later met up with Lucia in Chipotle. I was still so full from Byron but I couldn't go to Chipotle and get nothing at all so I opted for chips and guac. Lucy tried guac for the first time in my vlog, definitely go and watch it; her expression is priceless.

Now for a little random life update. As I blog more frequently through summer these will become more systematic, I realise right now they are fairly sporadic. During the last week of school was sports day. My school is not very sporty and competitive and due to the lack of enthusiasm nobody in my year participated in any events, but the weather was lovely and having summer only a couple of days away spirits were very high. This lead to the day being surprisingly nice and really cute.

Me and Saskia 'acting natural' above. Check out her Waterlow House spirit. Festival face paint also appeared as shown below which I must be honest and say did not suit me as much as it did most of my friends.

Sports day was also my beautiful friend Izzy's birthday. We celebrated her birthday that Saturday night and I took the cutest photo of her (above) that I just had to include. I also thought it imperative to include the photo of Eva below. She fell asleep and felt the need to surround her with various objects in her living room; we did this for quite some time assuming she would wake up having felt us place a cereal bar on her face. It was so funny as we had to be quiet so not to wake her, and you know when you can't laugh everything is even funnier. Nothing we placed on her or around her woke her up and we ended up removing everything without her knowledge. It was only in the morning when she saw this photo on various social media sights that she knew what had happened. I promise me and my friends are normal!

I thought Daniel, my brother, looked really cute in this photo so of course it has been included. He was preparing snacks for a tennis tournament with such precision awww.

And here we have yet another photo of me and Lucy. My playsuit is vintage and I'm wearing little black shorts underneath. 

I am loving H&M at the moment. I ordered the top photographed below online and I absolutely love it. The neck is stretchy so I pulled it over my shoulders but it does not have to be worn this way. 

My sunglasses are Ray Ban, my shorts are vintage Levi from Rokit and my shoes are Kurt Geiger.


  1. The shorts in your last outfit are ace. I love that kind of cute, cuffed, bouncy shorts look.

    1. Yeah me too, they're so great x

  2. I wanna go to Byron! Such cute outfit pics Rube x

  3. have a lovely summer x

  4. Such fun quirky photos! Makes me smile just looking at the happiness overflowing from each photo! Lovely outfits and yummy food, what more can you ask for :) Lovely post, amazing blog! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Returning the support as always!

  5. I love the first outfit and your blue shoes a lot *-*
    Have a nice day
    Salo <3