Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Big 18 (part 2)

I apologise for the delay with this post, things are pretty crazy with revision and such. 

Onwards with the post...

To continue the birthday celebrations Joseph and I went to dinner at Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill. 

We have a lovely meal, followed by a beautiful desert, all accompanied with cocktails. 

The next event was the following weekend, as you can tell I very much enjoyed stretching out my birthday as much as possible this year...

My friends and I went to Proud in Camden for a spot of karaoke, which was absolutely hysterical and so much fun.

Not much to say on this event, but rather a lot of pictures for you -

I also just wanted to add a couple of pictures I took at the Tracey Emin exhibition at Christmas that I never got around to doing a post about (:S). 

The Last Great Adventure is You.

Additionally, to add to this little ramble, here are a couple of pictures from Easter this year with my beautiful cousins -

And finally, a picture of me and my Nana who passed away last week.

Love always <3 <3


  1. Such cute pictures! Love to your grandma xx

  2. such a cute lbd that you were wearing! also, happy belated birthday and may your grandma rest in peace x