Wednesday, 6 May 2015


I am currently sitting in bed, face mask on and waiting for my bath to run. 

It is most definitely one of those days where everything is going wrong; I got set two essays, I got caught in the rain and my avocado was not ripe. Oh pity me pity me pity me. 

Due to my current house ridden state owed to exams in a mouth, as you can imagine, I am longing for summer. So I thought instead of keeping my longing inside, I would share it with you. So here are some strong images from tumblr that are keeping me going until I can experience summer first hand (starting the 16th of June!!!!!!). 

Do acknowledge that my summer is of course not being to be as glamorous as these photographs.

Post style inspired by The Blonde Salad.


  1. i can't wait for summer to get here so i can stop wearing all these long layers..

    back with a new post!

  2. It's always summer where I live with only a few days of rain .. like not more then 20 ( not sure but not allot) :P & I want to feel the cold again.. wanna switch places? although we have to switch back because I will get to the point where I miss the sun :) x
    Jade x

  3. Roll on Summer! Loved this post, great photos :)
    I wish you all the luck with your exams Ruby!

  4. It's already summer here in our country and honestly im quite tired because of the suns heat making me lazy and tired that all i wanna do is stay in my room with air condition on. Anyway i love your photos, it kinda motivates me to be all out for summer, haa its because of the first photo and the watermelons! I hope you'll experience summer pretty soon <3

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  5. These pictures remind me how much I want summer to come, good luck with your exams! x inés