Friday, 26 June 2015

Poorly Documented Summer Begins...

I am now officially on summer and finished with school! And I must say it is glorious. 

I finished my exams on the 15th of June, and so far summer has been pretty relaxing, a relax that was very much needed. I want to get straight back into blogging this summer and document all my experiences and thoughts, however, this desire and goal has not been successful thus far. In order to kickstart my enthusiasm and, hopefully, creativity, I thought I would ease myself in slowly with a little photo update due to my embarrassing lack of detailed documentation of the start of my summer. 

Just before my last exam it was my Mother's birthday. So on the Friday before her birthday we headed off to the hairdressers, with some revision in my bag of course, and had a lovely time sipping smoothies in Daniel Galvin Junior followed by some serious shopping.

Necklace - Tiffany
Top - Topshop
Cardigan - my brother's (lol)
Trousers - Anthropologie 
Shoes (not pictured) - Adidas

Following the hairdressers we went for dinner, joined by my Mum's friend Judy, at the Delaunay Counter. I'd never eaten their before and it was everything I had hoped and dreamed for. As well as being in awe of the food I was also extremely impressed with the staff and their knowledge of all the theatre shows, knowing the times they go up and all that jazz. 

Feeling extremely full, although with no regrets, we strolled down the strand to the Savoy Theatre where we saw the fabulous Imelda Staunton in Gypsy. I, embarrassingly, had never seen Gypsy and was quickly captivated by the story. To my surprise I knew so many of the songs and have had 'Let Me Entertain You' in my head ever since curtain. 

On the Sunday, my Mum's actually birthday, the family went to the Hamyard for a lovely celebratory lunch followed by a stroll down the bustling Carnaby Street and a pop into Liberty.

Candles at the Hamyard

Dessert at the Hamyard

Dessert at the Delaunay

Despite my finishing exams on the 15th most of friends didn't finish until the 19th, so the Friday night was when the celebrations really began. A girls night was definitely in order, and spirits were high as Katie, Lucy, Tara and I got ready to meet more of our friends out.

We were very excited about Lucy's selfie stick...

So ready for summer.

Shoes - Kurt Geiger
Bag - Mulberry

Following a day of Netflix in bed it was then Father's Day, and to celebrate my Dad my family and I had lunch at Bluebird followed by a long stroll down the King's Road.

Bluebird shop


Jacket - Levi
Shoes - Nike

And finally I conclude with my school's leavers ball/prom affair. It was my last school event, excluding results day lol, and it was really lovely. My friends and I spent the night dancing away and were even, hysterically, joined by our teachers on the dance floor.

Not to brag or anything but I did keep my heels on all night.

I also did my make up myself and was asked where I got it done, which I think is an incredible compliment!

Dress - Amen
Shoes - Jimmy Choo

Joe had his own school prom on the same night, yet this did not stop us from getting the necessary pictures.

Needless to say I think the nicest picture I have from the evening is with my parents...

And there you have it. You are now, pretty much, updated on the happenings of my summer so far, and I promise I will be more organised from now on! 

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  1. Wow. Well you are so lucky school is completely done and over for you. I absolutely love your outfit for your prom/dinner thing, and congrats on your amazing makeup skills. I love these photos and totally get your blogging dilemma. Your snap chats are great x

    The Life of Little Me