Monday, 29 June 2015

London Pride

On Saturday (27th July) Joe and I ventured into town, like many many others, to join in with the festivities of London Pride. We started at Baker Street where the parade began and followed it on the beginning of it's journey down Oxford Street.

I am so glad we went to view and partake in the festivities. Being surrounded by such passion and happiness is extremely motivating and so lovely to see. Being surrounded by such vibrant colours made it almost impossible to not constantly have a smile plastered on my face.

It was ridiculously hot, particularly with the large crowds occasionally causing you to shuffle like penguins for about twenty minutes, so I was very happy with my outfit choice.

Sunglasses - Paul Smith
Dress - Topshop
Shirt - J Crew
Shoes - Adidas
Bag - Kate Spade

I am so obsessed with my new Paul Smith sunglasses. They come in other colours, such as plain black and a fabulous pair with clear rims, but I love the white detailing on these and the subtle mirror lenses.

Another new purchase I am extremely happy with is my new Kate Spade bag which I got in the sale in their store by Sloane Square. It is so beautiful and structured with a surprising amount of space inside.

Footage from my experience of London Pride can be found in my weekly vlog on my Youtube Channel. I am making weekly vlogs this summer to capture my memories, so far I am absolutely loving it and I'm so happy I made videos last year as well. I love looking backing on the videos from last year and I know they'll be so amazing to look back on it years to come.


  1. Great pictures! I love how happy everyone is.
    Also your outfit is so cute - the bag is really nice. :)

  2. Lovely pictures and outfit! Madrid Pride starts tomorrow and im so excited

    x inés

  3. Looks so fun Rube! Love the outfit x