Monday, 3 August 2015

Lisbon & NOS Alive

Hello there! Long time no see... Apologies for that, however, in my defence I have been rather ill this past week. 

Anyway, let us rewind a couple of weeks and look back on my trip to Portugal with Amber

We spent the first couple of days of the trip flouncing around Lisbon before heading to NOS Alive, a festival just outside of Lisbon.

The day we arrived, sweaty and exhausted, we plastered on some suncream and turned right as we left our hotel, as instructed by the concierge. 

We found a nice waterfront where we sat for an hour or so people watching, soaking up the sun and enjoying the breeze from the water. We did however, encounter some rather mean hearted pigeons which was not a highlight of the trip.

Following our little wander around and attempts to get the lay of the land we stopped off on our way back to the hotel for pizza and mojitos. Disappointed with the broken wifi at our eating establishment of choice we continued to people watch and chat about how hot and tired we were before quickly deciding an early night was in order.  

The following day we took the train from Lisbon to Cascais to go to the beach. The weather was lovely being right by the sea and we soaked it up all day, dipping in and out of the water to stay cool. 

All of my belongings are still covered in sand from this excursion but it was definitely worth it.

My pale skin was not pale for long. The burn was very real the next day...

Sunglasses - Paul Smith

That evening we ventured out to a couple of bars in Bairro Alto.

The following day we went out for lunch and then I began to feel really unwell, so I went back to the hotel whilst Amber browsed around herself. We then had a lovely dinner and an early night, mentally preparing for what was to come in the next couple of days...

After getting dropped at the wrong entrance and having a slight panic we found our way to the camp sight and were united with Lucia and Molly. We quickly set up our tent and then chilled around the pool for the remainder of the day.

The pool was so lovely and a perfect chilled temperature contrasting to the heat. I couldn't quite believe how nice everything was and couldn't wait to get to the festival that evening.

We had such an incredible time at the festival. Completely covered in glitter by the end of it and absolutely exhausted, but on such a high from all the incredible acts we saw. The line up was absolutely amazing, but my favourite performers were definitely James Bay, Kodaline and of course Muse. 

I thought the whole set up of the festival was absolutely fantastic. The camp sight is not actually on the grounds of the festival, allowing everything to be very separate and to be very chilled in the day. Music began around 5 in the evening and finished about 12 hours later. We often got the festival around 6, had dinner and then saw all the acts we wanted back to back. 

It did get fairly chilly in the evening so the purchase of merchandise had to occur. However, Molly was lucky enough to nab one of these super chic white hood things (?), and let me borrow it, that they were giving out for free as we entered. 

A bumbag was essential, and I feel it is for any festival. So.. get one!

The whole experience was so fun and was definitely made by the company I kept, so lusm to Ambs, Molly and Lucia.

Over on her blog Amber did a post including all her festival essentials, including so many things that would never have occurred to me to go check it out here


  1. YOU HAVE THE COOLEST LIFE!!!!!!! Also your bathers are always hella cool. Wish I was having at least half of the exciting time you're having!!

    (っ♥︎◡♥︎)っ sonjatitanic

  2. Arrgh I'm jealous of how awesome you and your life are!